Sunday, February 15, 2009

I don't post here any more

So what's up with us since the last post.

*Not really sure what happened to January.
*Isaac potty trained himself except for pooing in the toilet...I'm tired of cleaning the poo off of the walls.
*getting ready for more work to be done on the house ie: rock on the fireplace, shelving on the sides of the fireplace, and the pantry shelving, more electrical, and painting the doors to get the handles on them so there isn't a peephole in the bathroom door.
*just got a phone call tonight that some of my photos will be on a cover of a magazine. YEAH! Super excited but a little intimidated by it.
*Can't wait for spring!

I have to find a photo to post. This is one of Isaac falling asleep before he should. He basically took a 2 hour nap today until 9 pm so I will be up with him pretty late tonight. The little stinker.


Brenda said...

You post just about as often as I do :)
Congrats on the Magazine! Which one will it be? Seems like you have a few things to celebrate. Oh the joys of poo smeared walls....not....haha. Good luck with that one!
What family blogs did you find?

kellyballard said...

yahoo!!! which one will it be? I need to know! how was your birthday? i was out of town and couldn't get to my email to send you a birthday wish - but you were in my little brain! miss you and love your guts!