Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gabe is 10

10 words to describe Gabe

Negotiator...of all things!

Inventor...of many things at night. I look forward to his new ideas every morning.

Creator...of all the swings in the backyard that entertain the neighborhood. those around him.

Generous...with all that he has. do what is right!

Heart....meaning BIG heart.

Laughter...he loves to laugh at the stuff dad did as a child.

Inspires...others to think outside of the box and be creative.

Learner...of everything.

Gabe's birthday planning was in the works for a few weeks but it took me some time to actually set it in stone. He started out with a movie night and then it changed to a BBQ at grandma's house with the bounce house and fun activities...but it rained on us. His plan was to have his party the day before his he could get his present early.
I love to watch you grow and turn into a young man...but I wish it could slow down. I still get 8 more years with you and I will enjoy every moment...good and bad.


I love Dillan's reaction to the present.

...and Gabe wont pose for me anymore

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Cannon's said...

Man! What was that present?