Saturday, June 20, 2009

This week was full

of Birthday parties, the carnival and father's and son's...hence the reason I posted Gabe's birthday so late.

Last night was Father's and son's and they loved. Greg was tired and the kids worn out. As I packed to help them get ready I gently placed the camera next to everything. To my happiness Greg took it with him...but to my unhappiness not a photo was taken. I mean seriously how ya gonna remember the moment(s).
Gabe moment: Gabe had a brave moment while riding on the zip line. He dared Grant to let go and fall into the water and in return Gabe would do the same. Well Grant did it and now Gabe was to keep his word (Gabe's words not mine) so then he did the same. He said it was freezy cold water.

Isaac moment: Greg was woken up, at 6 in the morning, by little Isaac getting ready to go outside to play with his buddy Tallon. Greg was able to convince Isaac to stay in the tent for another 30 minutes before he really wanted to leave...Seriously this kid loves to do things on his own. We catch him wondering the the neighborhood going to Tallon's house.
The night before Greg said that Isaac had a head lamp on and just wondered around the campsite and any time he could look up and find the red light (for spiderman).

That's the best I can tell you for Father's and son's but as for the girls. We went swimming and to the carinval.
It all started on thurdsay Elyse was praying asking for it to be sunny on Friday so that we could go swimming. Well, the clouds were gone and the sun was out to play the whole day. How could I not go swimming.
We brought friends and food and had slushies and played until our feet got wrinkley and some of the skin off of the toes. We headed home to eat dinner and ready for more the carnival. At this point I had heard that "This is the best day ever" says Elly. "I'm going to pray that the sun will come out on Monday too."

Okay so I took one photo of the day.

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