Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Party

Just look at all this talent. We tried to fit all of them in a shot. Not bad eh!

From this

To this

If it wasn't for Grandpa and Nana's party I wouldn't carve pumpkin's with the kids...I know I'm a Halloween Scrooge. These pumpkin's are homegrown fresh picked from Grandpa's garden. I think the first year he grew them he had over 75 pumpkins. He fine tuned that for the next year and now it's a perfect crop except for the little one I carved with Isaac I couldn't get a knife thru it.
Fun stuff! Thanks for hosting and having the party and making us dinner we look forward to it every year.

And just a few costumes. It's all I could get to pose for me. It's like they would rather be at the party than trying to remember it with photos.


Carin said...

Master carvers!!! You put ours to shame!

Amy Lindstrom said...

Love the "from this" picture! That pumpkin cracks me up! I think it could officially be called "Pooping Pumpkin". :)

Robyn said...

You guys always have so much fun! What fun pumpkins!