Sunday, October 04, 2009

What we love about Bryn

It's a little premature I usually do a post like this on the birthday but I had an assignment for her class. I thought I would put it down for history proof that we love her.

Letters of Brynlee

B - is for BEAUTIFUL

R - she Runs hard at soccer. We think she is the BEST player on the team...she really is...not only does she have heart she is very competitive.

Y - Yearns to do what is right.

N - Number 2 in line of 4. We love how she protects her siblings. She really does she would fight for them.

L - Laugh. Has the cutest laugh of which we love to hear.

E - Enjoys sewing. We love to see her projects when she's done with her class. The best is when she is proud of her projects.

E - Everyone in our family LOVES you

1 comment:

Kerstin said...

that reminds me of when she kicked
the soccer ball in that girls face.

Also,she is a beutiful girl and she loves to play indoor and outdoor soccer.