Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Magnet Board

I walk by this 10 times a day. It makes me happy too see all the love that goes into these creations...and there is a list "what I love about mom" from Gabe...the ward calendar is always there...and we can't forget the Dinner job chart...and the Bishop Family Rules. Oh yes, I have this magnet on there that says "How I feel today" and my favorite is zany.

Halloween Party

Just look at all this talent. We tried to fit all of them in a shot. Not bad eh!

From this

To this

If it wasn't for Grandpa and Nana's party I wouldn't carve pumpkin's with the kids...I know I'm a Halloween Scrooge. These pumpkin's are homegrown fresh picked from Grandpa's garden. I think the first year he grew them he had over 75 pumpkins. He fine tuned that for the next year and now it's a perfect crop except for the little one I carved with Isaac I couldn't get a knife thru it.
Fun stuff! Thanks for hosting and having the party and making us dinner we look forward to it every year.

And just a few costumes. It's all I could get to pose for me. It's like they would rather be at the party than trying to remember it with photos.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bryn is 9

It's been 3 days since she turned 9 but it feels like we have been partying all week...I haven't even had time to post and talk about my little Brynlee.

This girl is so fun she has been planning her party (with her dad) for a month now and I think it turned out wonderful. She had planned a Life Sized Board Game. We set it up in the basement...Bryn had groups of 3 girls, you would roll the huge die (that the meticulous Greg and Gabe made using a compass to make the circles perfect). Each space had what you were to do like; crazy hair, prize spot, trade spots, crazy dress-up, pop singer choices were Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, draw blindfolded, and crazy make-up blindfolded. The favorite spots were crazy make-up and pop singer.
After the game we had cake...more like pumpkin pie...Bryn's request and ice cream. Then off to open all the presents. She was a happy little girl.

Here is the crazy Birthday group.

I better write down who was here.
First row knealing down from left to right
Sarai, Hailey, Abby D
Second row
Rebekah, Hannah, Bryn, Aubrey, Emily, Megan, Alex, Nicole, Bryton
Back row
Abby M, Rachel, Lydia, Amanda

The working Scene

I'm not sure how many posts I have made of this little guy and his willingness to help anytime dad gets his tools out to work but I love it. It fascinates me that it can start so young that they develop passions and joys and a willingness to serve...or maybe he just wants to hang out with dad.
It's fun to listen to him ask a million questions and Greg will answer all of them even when he can get frustrated at the job.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ely's Birthday Ride

Her birthday was only 3 months ago but I always say better late than never.

The Storm

I think it was last Sunday I asked for a storm. I just wanted that cozy feeling of the stormy weather outside and us inside reading by the fire sipping out hot cocoa. It didn't get my wish happen until Wednesday just after a photo shoot I poured like I asked but I wasn't home with my book in hand and hot cocoa...but I got this cool shot from the storm.

A visit from the Canon's

We love it when they come to town. The kids look forward to these visits every year (if it were up to them it would be every week) they hang out like we've never separated. I miss the good ol' days hanging out in the front yard letting the kids run around all day long while the women have relief society and the men off to school studying their brains out (at least that's what would happen to me).

Ely's arm is free.

The time has arrived to get the cast off.
Below is her "scared to get the cast off face". She's already done this before because the pink cast wasn't very tight so they had to replace it with another. But ya know when you have this drill that could cut into your arm I may be scared too.

Well, it did hurt a little to come off...the purple cast was on a little to tight she had road rash of the arm. It was a little awkward for a day and now she is pretty much a normal little 6 year old.

This is her "happy to have the cast off face"

The ex-ray of the healed arm.

Quiet Sunday

I asked Greg for a quiet house today and I got it. Though I love to be with my family once in awhile a girl needs some peace and quiet in her own home.

Thanks a million honey.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

What we love about Bryn

It's a little premature I usually do a post like this on the birthday but I had an assignment for her class. I thought I would put it down for history proof that we love her.

Letters of Brynlee

B - is for BEAUTIFUL

R - she Runs hard at soccer. We think she is the BEST player on the team...she really is...not only does she have heart she is very competitive.

Y - Yearns to do what is right.

N - Number 2 in line of 4. We love how she protects her siblings. She really does she would fight for them.

L - Laugh. Has the cutest laugh of which we love to hear.

E - Enjoys sewing. We love to see her projects when she's done with her class. The best is when she is proud of her projects.

E - Everyone in our family LOVES you

Tooth Fairy

Elyse lost her tooth today at breakfast or was it after breakfast...we don't know. It was in the mouth and then it was gone. She was super excited to finally loose a tooth.