Sunday, February 06, 2011

Been doing a lot.

Bryn had a 2 soccer games yesterday. One at 6:50 a.m. I slept in for that one and then one at 3:10. She ROCKED that field. She mostly plays defense and cleans house (I might be a little bias but its true) but this time Greg/Dad had her play up and she almost got 3 my seat so close. We have had her play in other positions but she seems to gravitate to the back to fix it and then she isn't up front to get the ball when she clears it. This time she stayed in position and she was always in the right place. Thats a good thing she could be an all around player.

What else have we done.

Been having guests over to the house to get to know more people in the ward.

Greg has been working on his business: Business for Photography. Super fun can't til its all done.

Gabe's been doing lots of homework and projects at school. He has had a lot of friends over lately to hang out and play video games.

Elyse and Isaac have just been their crazy self.

Beckam is still being a pain at sleeping but his smile and fun demeanor makes up for the crazy nights.

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