Saturday, February 12, 2011

Its my Birthday

And I still feel so sick. But I still got up to take Gabe to Velocity sports for some training because Greg was at Bryn's soccer game. We meet up there and the kids wanted to go to In & Out for a Birthday celebration. I thought...sure, why not. Once I got there I was feeling pretty yucky so, I went home and jumped right into to bed and slept for a LONG time...woke up ate something and then slept again. I pretty much slept the day a way. Its too bad cuz it was SO nice outside and it was my Birthday. I was suppose to have fun but I didn't.
I did get a lot of Birthday love on my phone and nothing from facebook until 8:00 pm from my sis-in-law. I was going for a record nothing and she ruined it. HA! Its funny how you look forward to someone recognizing your special day getting lots of love from friends and then it didn't happen. I can feel bad but I'm not going to cuz I got all the love I needed from my family. The best was 9:00 at night, while in my bed, Greg came home with a Birthday card, cheesecake and a beautiful orchid. It pretty much made up for my Crappy day.


Jilleen said...

I'm sorry you were sick on your birthday. I was really sick a couple years ago on my birthday... it's a bummer, for sure. On facebook you don't have your b-day listed so people who rely on the upcoming events didn't know, just so you know. :) I hope you are feeling much better. Love you!

Jess said...

Thanks Jilleen.

I figured that out but left it up because its how I felt...he he. Its all good!