Saturday, August 06, 2011

Elyse gets Baptized and much more

This little one is so fun to watch when she has something big in her life. The week before she had little lessons to pick out daily in preparation for her Baptism. And she also memorized the 4th Article of Faith (because Bishop asked her to). I love her willingness to do what is right even when she wants to wear clothes that are not modest. I don't know what it is but Bryn and Elyse have this fascination with skimpy clothes.
We are so proud of you Elyse for making this big decision in your life. We know that it will bring you happiness and joy.

Elyse invited Grandpa 2...she loved that. 

And my mom couldn't make it...she was sad, she just had surgery on her neck and wasn't feeling well.


The Chinese students also went home today. We will miss them and will remember the fun experience of having them stay with us but Gabe is ready to have his room back.

We also had my Lewis Family Reunion at Rock Canyon Park. It was fun!


Bryn was super sick. I've never seen her so still. 

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