Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Haven't had time to think about it.

Everyone has made it off to school.
Today was Isaac's first day of Kindergarten. I will so miss him. Life has been crazy busy that I haven't had time to even think about my almost baby going off to kindergarten. I watched him go off to class thinking of how excited he is to be big. I do love watching them grow up however, I tend to shed a tear but it didn't happen this time. I kinda felt numb. I'm sure its with everything going on.

Gabe is off to Junior High...and he loves it. It was a little scary at first....figuring out lockers, who to share with, where all the classrooms are and which lunch he has...the works. He went to school with some unknowns but we assured him he will figure it out and everything will be okay.
But it was a little tough for him to "not know" all the details! In the end it all worked out.
He even color coded everything...love it.
There is one thing that was tough for me was, he ate lunch alone for a couple days. Ya, I worry about stuff like that. I kinda want my kids to fit in.

As for Elyse and Bryn they are super cute taking care of each other at school and walking together and now Isaac is at school...they love to pick him up.

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