Sunday, November 06, 2011

Beckam's First Fingerpainting

This is the text I get from Greg while at the funeral when everyone is saying how lucky I was to be without the kids.

Step 1: Remove diaper
Step 2: Poo in crib
Step 3: Quietly finger paint everywhere you can reach.
Step 4: Wait for Dad to come in and find you
Step 5: Jump up and down with excitement when dad shows up.

Oh, it's so gross, just looking at makes my face curl up because it stinks.
Greg had to bathe him twice to get it off, it was dried on him and when I got home he was cleaning it off of the crib. STINKY!!!!!!!!!!!


Michael B. said...

i am so glad greg was home for you!!!!!!!

Jilleen said...

Ew! So gross. It's good for dads to get to clean up those fun messes every once in a while. I hope Beckam never does it again!

Sunshine said...

That is So crazy. Treyce did the exact same thing. It was awful and Kyle was not home