Sunday, December 25, 2011


Christmas is here and we are so FREAKING excited!!!!!! We get a visit from Santa and the Tooth Fairy how cool is that?
The kids couldn't wait to get to bed, it was the first year in a long time that all the kids slept and STAYED asleep the whole night. I also told them they couldn't come upstairs til 7:30.
I remember how hard it was to wait when I was a kid.
The first present that was open was that big red one and it was birds...4 of them. They LOVED them and never even thought Santa would bring such a cool gift.

It was such a GREAT day. I love watching the kids and there excitement.
This year was extra special for me. I had a small budget and I stuck to it and by doing so I have never felt the spirit so strong to experience the JOY of Christmas.

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Cannon's said...

I had a bird that looked just like that when i was a kid. His name was Jaws. Our kids got a guinea pig this christmas. It's pretty exciting to get a pet for Christmas