Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Much better today!!!!

I'm telling ya I always feel so much better after I vent and get it out.

Many people ask "is there anything we can do?"
I pretty much so "no."
Mostly because I haven't known what you can do for us. And now I've finally figured out what people can do for me. Give me referrals. I would rather get paid for something I am good at doing. We continue to be given stuff, while I'm grateful for it but it would be nice to make my own money to live off of. 
I have a business. I do photography. I love it. I'm pretty laid back when it comes to having my friends and family use me to be there photographer. I want people to make the choice of who they use. I think the reason most people don't use me is because of how much I charge and so I thought I could educate you guys a little on my pricing.
I found a photographer who charges $235 with a $50 print credit for a 16x20 (which for me costs $20 for the 16x20) She is going to bring home $215 after all is said and done. **I don't know how much time she spends for me, I will tell you below**
I will spend 2 hours on the session...prep time, shooting and driving and some time in booking.
I will take 4-5 hours in editing...adding those to times is a 6-7 hour day. How much do you make in a week or your husband...$1000 or $1500 or more? She is making $1075 and that does not include business costs that are coming out...she is making about %40 less.
I have a Google Doc (made by my awesome husband to show me how much I make or don't make).
I plugged in her numbers and it said that she had to do 20 sessions a month, that's 5 a week, she's working full time. The Doc says she will make $7.47 and hour WOW! That's not much for owning your own business and if she does less than 20 she is losing money. Sad to think especially when she is spending time away from her family. So, I say to you, you can use those photographers that is okay by me but now you know how much money they are making...its even better when they are just doing it as a hobby so its not a big deal to even pay them at all...right!?
I charge $450 a session and give about 30-60 edited images on a CD. If I give you the 30 images your paying $15 an image. You pay more than that for a print at a Target or the Kiddie Kandids. If I gave you more like 60 images your paying $7.50 an image.That's crazy when you brake it down plus, my images tell a story rather than documenting the time. How many of you are going out to eat? Once a week twice a week or maybe even 2 times a months. You could totally save that money and have memories instead of calories :)
When I go to my google doc I punch in the $450 at 10 sessions a month, part time, will pay me $37.68 an hour, now that is better for a business owner. I believe that my price is a good price but the constant feedback I get is its "outrageous" or "your probably rolling in the dough" ummmm, nope I'm pretty much not. I would like to be. I think the best way you all could help me is to tell people about me. I've had 2 referrals from my family. I kind of feel like there could be more because I have a HUGE family. But, I mostly think that the reason I'm not getting referrals from my family is because I am outrageously priced so this is why I thought of educating you. And maybe you can refer me or not.
So now you know that my price isn't outrageous and I am an AWESOME photographer...all the better to sell me.

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