Sunday, May 20, 2012


There are angels among us or prayers were answered and in this life I will not know how Beckam was blessed. I hope to find out in the afterlife how that little boy did not get hit.
We were at Gabe's soccer game in Layton. The field was off of a busy 4 lane highway and each time a ball got cleared on one side of the field it would go into traffic. Bryn was teasing that the next time they clear it they should aim for someone on a motorcycle. It could cause a serious accident and it should be fixed. Anyways, Bryn headed off to get a drink out of the car and Beckam followed. I thought it would be fine because she was just getting the would be a quick grab and go but she took a little longer than I anticipated and Beckam decided to walk on the other side of the car. I FREAKED out and ran...kind of thru the game...but they had the ball of on the other end of the field. I was calling for Bryn to get out of the car and get Beckam but she wasn't listening, you know how kids tune us out, or she didn't hear me. She finally heard me, and ran to the other side to get him. She picked him up and said, "there where no cars."
Later that night all I could think about where the "what if's" but I kept telling myself he's okay and the "what if's" didn't happen. He's here with us being his happy little self.
I'm reminded of something that I read on Facebook :) and to the best of my memory which isn't that awesome. I will share. "Why Heavenly Father did you make it so that I couldn't find my car keys and now I'm late to work?" He says "I wanted you to avoid that car accident." There where many more of these small simple acts that put into perspective that we are blessed every minute of the day.
I can't tell you how many times that has entered my mind in how another person was struggling to get out the door that day and was going to be late but do to circumstance unknown they had avoided what could have happened to Beckam. There is so much at play here that is beyond my comprehension.  I just have to continue to Thank God, hug Beckam and never let him go. And now we move into to summer I'm not looking forward to the work I will have to do in keeping this little one safe. He loves to go into the road, he thinks its funny but I might just have to buy a baby leash to keep me sane.

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