Monday, May 07, 2012

A few things

I'm sitting here thinking that I need to edit but I am looking at sucked out all of my time I have to get my sessions done. But I hear Elyse reading to Isaac. It just melts my heart and then I think this is a moment to remember so why not write it down. Oh, how I love to here the sounds of children. Elly is my one who just loves to read.

Just a few things that have been happening at the Bishop household as of late:

Its now warm out and Gabe has gotten his rope out. What has his creative mind come up with? a zip line and its been a hit!

Bryn has practiced with the Premier Celtic Storm team and they want her to come back but I've been having doubts. Bryn isn't committed and I can't do the work for her to be committed. And the cost is  high. I'm torn...not really sure what to do.

The other day I took Isaac to the store, he says to me. "this is the best ever, I said earlier it wasn't but now it is" all because I took him to the store to buy a special treat that he wanted. 

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