Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tied Together

Bryn comes home with her friends all "tied up" and wanting photos....well, okay, I can do that.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A conversation with Dad

Isaac asks. "Dad, do you need to know where someone lives if you marry them?"

Dad says. "Yes"

Isaac. "But I don't know where Katelyn lives."

He has a little crush on a girl in his class at school and no, its not his cousin :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Last minute shot of the Eclipse when it peaked thru the clouds.

Click on the photo it looks WAY BETTER!!!!!!


There are angels among us or prayers were answered and in this life I will not know how Beckam was blessed. I hope to find out in the afterlife how that little boy did not get hit.
We were at Gabe's soccer game in Layton. The field was off of a busy 4 lane highway and each time a ball got cleared on one side of the field it would go into traffic. Bryn was teasing that the next time they clear it they should aim for someone on a motorcycle. It could cause a serious accident and it should be fixed. Anyways, Bryn headed off to get a drink out of the car and Beckam followed. I thought it would be fine because she was just getting the would be a quick grab and go but she took a little longer than I anticipated and Beckam decided to walk on the other side of the car. I FREAKED out and ran...kind of thru the game...but they had the ball of on the other end of the field. I was calling for Bryn to get out of the car and get Beckam but she wasn't listening, you know how kids tune us out, or she didn't hear me. She finally heard me, and ran to the other side to get him. She picked him up and said, "there where no cars."
Later that night all I could think about where the "what if's" but I kept telling myself he's okay and the "what if's" didn't happen. He's here with us being his happy little self.
I'm reminded of something that I read on Facebook :) and to the best of my memory which isn't that awesome. I will share. "Why Heavenly Father did you make it so that I couldn't find my car keys and now I'm late to work?" He says "I wanted you to avoid that car accident." There where many more of these small simple acts that put into perspective that we are blessed every minute of the day.
I can't tell you how many times that has entered my mind in how another person was struggling to get out the door that day and was going to be late but do to circumstance unknown they had avoided what could have happened to Beckam. There is so much at play here that is beyond my comprehension.  I just have to continue to Thank God, hug Beckam and never let him go. And now we move into to summer I'm not looking forward to the work I will have to do in keeping this little one safe. He loves to go into the road, he thinks its funny but I might just have to buy a baby leash to keep me sane.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Soccer season is OVER

We have had many Saturdays that have been very busy with 4 games and other stuff planned I am happy to say that we can now have somewhat restful Saturdays.

This is Isaac's AWESOME team photo. I can't stop laughing at it.


Elyse's team did very well this spring season, they scored, and tied a few games, when in the fall they didn't make 1, that's a big come back. It's because I talked the coach into having Greg help :) Elyse has now made it on to a AA team. Yeah for her!

Gabe will be staying on the same team. He has great coaches and is getting alone well with his team mates.

Bryn's games where over the first Saturday in May but she is still practicing and will have tryouts at the end of the month. Let's see if she makes it on the premiere team.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


With such a busy schedule we were able to manage putting the garden in. Elyse helped me with it all and LOVED it. She even woke up the next day at 6:30 to water all the, cute!

We planted tomatoes, corn, cantaloupe, watermelon, pumpkins, peppers, cabbage, beans, onions, cucumbers, and squash...phew! that was a mouthful. 

Mother/Daughter Activity Dinner

It was a night of etiquette but having Beckam was no etiquette at all...note to self Don't, by any means bring Beckam along. It was a little more challenging to enjoy the night with the girls plus, I was in charge but non-the-less we totally enjoyed the night...and the food was AWESOME!

Photos of course.

Monday, May 07, 2012

A few things

I'm sitting here thinking that I need to edit but I am looking at sucked out all of my time I have to get my sessions done. But I hear Elyse reading to Isaac. It just melts my heart and then I think this is a moment to remember so why not write it down. Oh, how I love to here the sounds of children. Elly is my one who just loves to read.

Just a few things that have been happening at the Bishop household as of late:

Its now warm out and Gabe has gotten his rope out. What has his creative mind come up with? a zip line and its been a hit!

Bryn has practiced with the Premier Celtic Storm team and they want her to come back but I've been having doubts. Bryn isn't committed and I can't do the work for her to be committed. And the cost is  high. I'm torn...not really sure what to do.

The other day I took Isaac to the store, he says to me. "this is the best ever, I said earlier it wasn't but now it is" all because I took him to the store to buy a special treat that he wanted. 

Zip Line

Gabe got a little creative and made a zip line...we had Beckam test it out....he's perfected it, he can put it up and take it down in jiffy :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


BYU Engineers create a Batman like device.

Batman wasn't available so Greg stepped in to oversee the project

Instead of getting Greg to tell about the project in his words I took the words from the BYU news.

A team of BYU engineering students used a Batman-like device as inspiration for a Capstone project that recently hooked them a Top-3 finish at a national competition.
The students created a grappling hook device that shoots from a firearm and pulls a person vertically in the air more than 90 feet, just like the Dark Knight is known to do from time to time.
The project was part of the annual BYU Engineering Capstone class and was presented to the Air Force Research Lab in a competition against 17 other universities and three service academies in April. The BYU team took third place.
“We used Batman as a picture of what we wanted to accomplish,” said senior William Tryon. “We’ve learned that Batman must have been really confident in his technology.”
Faculty adviser Greg Bishop added, “Batman is cool because he has no special powers. He relies only on his strength and advanced technology. Here at BYU, we get to build that technology.”
Students demonstrated their straight-out-of-the-comic-book device and pulley system at Wright State University’s Calamityville, where the Air Force Research Lab competition took place from April 16-20.
During the competition in Ohio, the team had 20 minutes to demonstrate their tool and train military representatives on how to shoot their device and use their winch system. Each competing university was to get three people up a 90-foot vertical incline while carrying 300 pounds each.
BYU was one of only a few schools in the competition that successfully lifted individuals the required 90-foot height.
“The Air Force wants to be able to go to higher heights, to new surfaces and to be able to do it faster,” Bishop said. “They’ve got to be able to still do that, essentially, with either holding a weapon or a communication device.”
The BYU device ascends more than 30 feet a minute, which is faster than what Special Forces can do (keep in mind that they usually scale walls with one free hand).
The anchoring device uses a UV cured epoxy, with an LED-light array to seal the epoxy to a surface, such as a cement wall. The special epoxy can cure in five minutes instead of the 12 to 24 hours a normal epoxy requires.
In the end, the engineering students were pleased with their performance at the competition -- especially with some of the final tweaks they made to their device.
“It’s really pretty cool and takes no effort at all,” student Dave Monk said. “It’s a little unnatural because you really have to do nothing but push a little button, and as long as there is some tension on the rope, up you go.”
The engineering solution was completed as part of the annual BYU Capstone course. This year 32 mechanical engineering student teams took on unique projects for sponsoring companies, coming up with solutions for each by applying principles from their engineering courses.