Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Journal entry

Today's schedule
8:30 get the kids off to school
2 hours of editing while the kids play or watch a show
get dressed
make lunch
12:08 take Elyse to the bus stop
12:30 go to school with Isaac (of which I completely enjoyed)
1:30 school's done
go to the store Karma with Jamie and buy a cute hat
come home put Isaac to bed for his nap
sit down and have a salad and watch a little t.v.
shows over cause now it's 3:45 the kids just got home from school
run around doing about everything at this point
6:00 Gabe has soccer practice and so does Elyse
6:30 I have a photoshoot
8:00 done with photoshoot go to Cafe Rio
8:30 run to the store and get some brownies for Greg's students tomorrow
9:00 get home and see the kids off to bed
10:30 edit some photos
12:05 Feelin' guilty for everything is so rushed I want it to slow down sometimes. i want it all but feel like it's too much to manage home life and my love for photography. i don't want any regrets but have a hard time managing it all. I hope that it all works out.


Kellie and Sterling said...

Your doing a great Job! That is the reason I have waited so long to do Photography. It's hard to balance it with 4 kids. I always said that I would wait until they were all in school, my baby will be in Kindergarten next year! I know that there are people that can do it and don't need to feel guilty! I am just not one of them, it stresses me out too much. Your awesome! Do what you can, but make sure you can balance it all! I don't think many Photographers have 4 young children, so you are quite the Woman to get it all done! It sounds like you are doing a good job at balancing it all!

Amy Lindstrom said...

WOW! I need a nap after reading that Jess! There are days when I LOVE being busy, but day after day, it kinda gets old!

CAFE RIO?! Seriously! Did you have to throw that one out! Now I am craving it and what can I do about that?! UGH! They SO need a Sun Valley store. Do you think they would do that JUST FOR ME? :)

Robyn said...

Really how do we do it? Sometimes I just want to veg, but I dont think Im wired that way!

Brenda said...

Dang, Jess! I think you are doing great! There is now way that I could care for four and work at the same time.
and Cafe Rio.....I am missing me some Cafe Rio. I couldn't get enough while I was there.