Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tidbits of Info

The other day Gabe and Bryn got up @ 3:00 am to watch Phantom of the Opera. What? 3:00 in the morning...they wanted to make sure that they got to watch it before they went to school. Basically Gabe stayed awake and Bryn fell right back to sleep.

What 2 year will put themselves to bed? Mine will. All I do is ask him to go to bed and he will do it and stay there...no less. I will come in later we sing I love to see the temple, read him a story, and say his prayers and that's it...he stays.

Elyse cried the other day that I had a photoshoot. So unlike her. She has been very clingy lately she has to make sure that everyone has a kiss and a hug before we leave. Even at my soccer game before I go to play and while I am on the sidelines every 2 min she is saying HI. I love it all sometimes it feels to much but someone told me enjoy while you still get it...so, I will.

It's was Labor day weekend and we worked on the house no play time for us. But we now have wood floor all the way to my kitchen sink...there is about a 12 in gap. We are so close. I know its not completely done but it makes happy inside.

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Steve and Julie said...

It will be so nice for you when your house is all done :) Your kids are crazy. Tell Gabe that Phantom of the Opera isn't worth getting no sleep. You should have just rented it or something, ha ha.