Thursday, September 04, 2008

Super Hero in the house

I have never had any off my children obsessed about a character as much as Isaac is and you know me I have got to get the photos and he is still willing for about 5 min max.

He is shooting me with his web...sound effects and all.

The pj's I was dying to buy him when I saw them and now I can't get them off of him.

I've gotta get that cute baby face.


carin davis said...

these are FABULOUS!!!!!!

Amy Lindstrom said...

I love the "Stance" in the first one! So funny! He IS such a cutie! He has A LOT of you in him!

Brenda said...

He is so stinkin cute!
I love how you caught him shooting his web!

Nate and Jilleen said...

I have been shot with countless (pretend) spider webs from my boys, too. I love how boys just know how to make sound effects from day one!

Steve and Julie said...

That's awesome! It's funny when kids love something so much and want to wear it all the time. How fun for you ;)