Sunday, November 16, 2008

Better late than never

This feels like a constant line I am putting up here in my family blog...but it's true.

I wanted to put some Halloween photos on here.
Let's start with the youngest of them all little Issac. If you don't see this boy on a daily basis you would not be surprised to see that he was Spiderman. He has this costume on daily.
I tried to hide it from him yesterday because I want to see him in normal everyday clothes. Greg asked "Why?" It's not very often that you can get away with wearing a costume everyday... so why not let, I pulled it out to say the least he had a HUGE smile on his face.
He has learned that Peter Parker wears a tie and a shirt and pants...this was to help so that he would wear his church clothes. It has worked so far.

Here is Elyse as Miss Daphne (well we had 2 Daphne's) Bryn was too but she wasn't anywhere to be, she refuses to have her photo taken.

our Spy Guy. I think this idea of his was got him some new toys instead of a dumb ol' costume.

Here are a couple other costume shots I got (only 2 others)
I just thought this was so cute.

Here is one of the winners for the night Jeff as "chewy" and Jared won too he was of course Bateman.

a view of some of the others.

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Cannon's said...

Well what did you expect? Bryn was born right at the start of your photography bug. I can't believe we ever lived with out digital. Remember all those trips to Campus photo?