Sunday, November 09, 2008

A little of me

I have been dieting (well lets say eating healthy) and so far I have lost 6lbs of FAT yes, I have a fat measurer thingy and I have lost 3% body fat and after we do the calculations it has totaled 6 lbs. of body fat. I don't usually like to tell people I am on a diet because everyone asks how its going and sometimes its not. But I am feeling so good I want to share.
I am now lifting weights (I can already see results) and I have also been playing soccer again. It was a rocky start but I can actually run more than 2 minutes have to give me some is indoor (much more intense). Greg signed us up a few months ago and I dreaded doing the whole thing because the games are late at night (even as late as 11:30 to start) and we both play so our kids are running around the bleachers cheering us on and having a lot of freedom to do as they please. I have come to enjoy it again...I would have to say my competitive side has come out a little but not too much...he he. I love this form of excersize but I did not realize it made every part of my body soar including the love handles (soon to be gone). I don't actually have any pictures for this one but will get them soon.


Amy Lindstrom said...

GOOD JOB! Ok, so funny thing. I don't if Carol has told you or not, but after you posted her family pictures I looked at her blog. She is amazing!

I emailed her to ask her about help. I have Poly Cystic Ovarian syndrome, with SUCKS! She was SO helpful! Still is! She is fun. I love her! So thanks a ton for that! Hopefully soon I will be adding this kinda post to my blog! :)

Amy Lindstrom said...

Ok, I meant I have PCOS which SUCKS! Not with! Funny me! :)

Kellie and Sterling said...

Hey Jess, I am hopefully getting a coed team together by friday... Maybe we will be seein you on the field!!! I played there a year ago before my accident and Sterling and I are ready to go back!