Sunday, December 28, 2008

We have a nerd in the house

...I mean we have 2 with the offspring we have created (this would be Greg and Gabe). I do have to say I loooooove having a nerd around and one of the benefits from today is an:

Excel Spreadsheet projecting how long it will take for us to finish remodeling the inside of our house. This does not include the outside. The projected time when we will finish is in July of 2011 with us working only 9hrs a week no more or less (I just hope its done sooner...the spreedsheet says if we give 15 hours a week we will finish in July 2010).

Example spreedsheet.


Currently Anonymous said...

My dear wife,
I am a nerd and happy to explain how much of an improvement this is to a geek (socially incompetent but not necessarily great at a skill that pays off). For those that care (apparently only Gabe), this was in Project, not Excel. It also was only doing 7 hours a week and while the project will take until June 2012, everything besides a Theater and extra garage will be done in March 2011.

Your loving nerd.

Amy Lindstrom said...

This TOTALLY made me laugh! I am such a fan of spreadsheets, but this....well, it is VERY nerdy! :)

Ryan is a total nerd too! LOVE IT! Nothing like someone to keep ya organized!

LOVED your tree by the way! I drove by. It was MAGICAL! Good job you guys!

Nate and Jilleen said...

Greg, Think of how much stuff you could get done if you weren't wasting time writing it down.

semi sincerely,


Currently Anonymous said...

I semi-like you.