Sunday, November 16, 2008


We ordered our 9 month food storage a few weeks ago and we finally got the delivery...a palet. It's crazy how much we spent but the feeling of being prepared definitely out weighs the amount of money we spent.
All of this food comes from The Ready Project and I love it, it actually tastes only add water...and it has a 20 year shelf life. Love it!

Better late than never

This feels like a constant line I am putting up here in my family blog...but it's true.

I wanted to put some Halloween photos on here.
Let's start with the youngest of them all little Issac. If you don't see this boy on a daily basis you would not be surprised to see that he was Spiderman. He has this costume on daily.
I tried to hide it from him yesterday because I want to see him in normal everyday clothes. Greg asked "Why?" It's not very often that you can get away with wearing a costume everyday... so why not let, I pulled it out to say the least he had a HUGE smile on his face.
He has learned that Peter Parker wears a tie and a shirt and pants...this was to help so that he would wear his church clothes. It has worked so far.

Here is Elyse as Miss Daphne (well we had 2 Daphne's) Bryn was too but she wasn't anywhere to be, she refuses to have her photo taken.

our Spy Guy. I think this idea of his was got him some new toys instead of a dumb ol' costume.

Here are a couple other costume shots I got (only 2 others)
I just thought this was so cute.

Here is one of the winners for the night Jeff as "chewy" and Jared won too he was of course Bateman.

a view of some of the others.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Leaves

...we have a ton of them. I haven't done any of the racking yet this fall season and we took advantage of that the other day. I just love to watch them play and smile enjoying the little things in life.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A little of me

I have been dieting (well lets say eating healthy) and so far I have lost 6lbs of FAT yes, I have a fat measurer thingy and I have lost 3% body fat and after we do the calculations it has totaled 6 lbs. of body fat. I don't usually like to tell people I am on a diet because everyone asks how its going and sometimes its not. But I am feeling so good I want to share.
I am now lifting weights (I can already see results) and I have also been playing soccer again. It was a rocky start but I can actually run more than 2 minutes have to give me some is indoor (much more intense). Greg signed us up a few months ago and I dreaded doing the whole thing because the games are late at night (even as late as 11:30 to start) and we both play so our kids are running around the bleachers cheering us on and having a lot of freedom to do as they please. I have come to enjoy it again...I would have to say my competitive side has come out a little but not too much...he he. I love this form of excersize but I did not realize it made every part of my body soar including the love handles (soon to be gone). I don't actually have any pictures for this one but will get them soon.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Busy Weekend

....filled with Bryn's Baptism, & a service project and a photoshoot. This kind of a schedule makes me a crazy woman but for Greg it brings challenge...but it all worked out just fine.

Lets start out with the beautiful Bryn. She has been waiting for this moment for some time and I think it was scary yet exciting for her. We had many friends and family to support her...which made her feel very special. She loves to have people over and have a reason to have a party. She helped me plan the food and the setting up.
The baptism was at 10:00...we probably waited 45 min before it was our wards turn (we are the manilla 11th ward) and we were the last ones to go. Getting baptized with Bryn was Blake and Megan...and the thing that Bryn remembers most was the water was "Cold".

And now for the service project. Every year we as a large family plan a service project and we were in charge of it this year. My sweet friend Kelly decided to make a service project to give to the church in Kenya and sent around and email asking if there was anyone willing to Greg and I decided to make this our family project this year. The best way that we were able to serve was by making the flannel boards that is needed for some teaching materials for the primary class.
We made it into an FHE night and was able to pull out 64 flannel boards and many pictures colored by the children and toys that they brought to give to the kids. We have done this for 4 years now and I think the kids are starting to catch on to the giving spirit and I love it. We are truely blessed and I hope that I will always be guided to serve were I am needed.

and then I had to try to get a photo of all the grandkids minus 3...ummmm that was funny!