Saturday, November 13, 2010

School assignments and other stuff this week

As the kids get older there are more and more projects and it seems I can't keep up with them, sometimes I I doing a good job as my role in this learning process for the kids. Crossing my fingers!

And some of the projects.
Gabe mummified a barbie and then a polly pocket, then taught Bryn how to do it.

And this is Bryn's project about Utah climate, she choose a dessert.
Gabe loved helping her on this too.
Her Utah County project

Both Gabe and Bryn had some class plays they were in other news. $4000 of dental work needs to be done on my teeth and that's not braces folks. It's a root canal and a gum graft in asap or I could loose my 2 bottom front teeth...Yea! Fun for me.

and in closing Gabe and Bryn had a soccer game together tonight and they won/creamed/annihilated/squashed the other, yes they had fun and it was fun for me to watch them play together.

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Angie Monson said...

you are so good at blogging. I am going to hire you to do my family blog. I haven't blogged in a year!