Friday, March 11, 2011

Its all in the Communication & Listening

I get a phone call from an old neighbor wanting to talk to me about a conversation she had with Gabe before he talks to me. So, I could hear both sides. They were actually quit similar
She started out by telling me that she was pretty frustrated with him and all the other boys in the neighborhood. They were not including her boys and she was fed up with them not accepting them. She and all the boys were having an all out yelling match and all started walking away. Gabe then turns around to go and talk with her. They end up talking for about an hour and a half about all the issues. What I simply loved about all was that in all her frustration and protection she had for her children to be acceptance she was willing to listen to what Gabe's point of view were. She said it was one of the best conversations she has had with an 11 year (and kept telling me how impressed she was by his age and willingness to communicate and make it all work out). She now has a greater understanding has to why her older children don't have friends in the neighborhood and how she created it. Gabe said that he and his friends will play with her boys now that he understands too.

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