Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Please Stop


The topic of Junior High has been talked about a lot lately. Registration has begun, some of the classes he picked are...Hip Hop, Art, and Spanish with a little hesitation. I asked "Why?" He then asked me a question "Will I get a lot of homework taking a Spanish class?" I then laughed and realized his selection of classes were to get as little homework out of them as possible. While in his efforts of not having so much homework I made him take an accelerated math test to get him in a higher math class...we'll see. He said the test was pretty easy.

Another funny thing about this junior high process:
While driving to the school for the test he asked, "Who should my locker buddy be?"
I said "Choose a friend."
He couldn't really come up with on. And later I found out why. All the boys he knows are messy pigs and he doesn't want to share with someone who is messy :)

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