Saturday, February 18, 2012

Presidents Cup

Bryn headed off to St. George with her coach and their family this weekend. They were kind enough to take her down since we didn't have the means to do so but I think, Bryn was secretly happy about that. It meant party time with out us. She planned for this event 2 months in advance from writing her packing list to getting out the suitcase. She also worked a lot to earn money to take with her. She couldn't wait to go.
They lost the first game 6-0
The second game was 2-0
They won the last game 2-1
You see the progression each game they played and got better. 
If they would have played down in the silver division they would have done really well I think, and  it would have still been competitive but they were place in the gold division. That's okay it sounds like they all had a blast.

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