Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today Isaac is 6.

He has been looking forward to this day for so long. It seemed like forever to be 6.

We planned a Star Wars Birthday Party.
I hear it all starts with the invitations... to set up all the excitement. 
And with a little help from Gabe and his friends it was a success.



Some of the things we love about Isaac.
He's my best buddy.
He loves to play video games and has discovered Lego Star Wars.
For his birthday he got Lego Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and Batman...he's in video game heaven. he just can't get enough play time.
He's says the most random things like:
I don't like computers because my teacher has a fat butt.
A pickle for a weirdo.
I hate soccer because that boy runs on his toes.

He also has a girlfriend in his class. Her name is Katelyn. I think I need to meet this little Katelyn. She sounds cute!

For food we had Yoda Soda (sprite with sherbet) Light Sabers (pretzels with fruit roll ups wrapped around them) and then had Padowan Pizza's

For food we had Yoda Soda (sprite with sherbet) Light Sabers (pretzels with fruit rollups wrapped around them) and then had Padowan Pizza's

And then can't forget the yummy cake


 And now some photos of our little Jedi trainer.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Bits of randomness in the month of February. 
Futsal games...Gabe loves them and has made a few goals and assists. 
Indoor games for Greg. 
Beckam got out of his bed at nap time. I could here some destruction going on but thought 'he couldn't get out of bed' well, he did and had a lot of fun!
Grades came home. Gabe didn't like 'em so much. He crumpled them up and handed it to me this way or maybe he thru them at me can't remember but funny!
We are stir crazy around here and need to get out. So Beckam and I went to the park, it lasted 30 minutes until he started coughing so hard he almost threw up. 
Oh yeah, I finally took a photo of the girls laptop persuasive essay. 
Gabe has a girl crushing on him. He received quiet a few love notes a treats. He paid back once he found out who it was. He now has a little crush. I think its helped him be more confident in himself.
The photo of Elly and Isaac titled 'so sleepy' meaning once their heads hit their pillows they were out...very rare in this house. 
Beckam at work. I swear all the houses that we live have a water problem...sick of it. 

Tough Game!




Gettin' out to explore.

Persuasive Essay


Sleepy time 

 Beckam at work.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Presidents Cup

Bryn headed off to St. George with her coach and their family this weekend. They were kind enough to take her down since we didn't have the means to do so but I think, Bryn was secretly happy about that. It meant party time with out us. She planned for this event 2 months in advance from writing her packing list to getting out the suitcase. She also worked a lot to earn money to take with her. She couldn't wait to go.
They lost the first game 6-0
The second game was 2-0
They won the last game 2-1
You see the progression each game they played and got better. 
If they would have played down in the silver division they would have done really well I think, and  it would have still been competitive but they were place in the gold division. That's okay it sounds like they all had a blast.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

I don't think that Greg and I have ever gone out on Valentines Day...because we both think its overrated but this time we spent the night with Matt Townsend and Peter Breinholt. It was a lot of fun! I enjoy listening to Matt make fun of  men and women in a relationship and all the stupid little things we do to each other.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

In all it was a good day. Many little gifts from the kids and expressions of Happy Birthday all around.
But I'm writing this entry a week late. From what I remember the day started out not so well and then it was good and then we came home and then the drama...more drama to me it seemed a day of selfishness...from the kids standpoint they're needs were not met. But as look back I had an expectation of "lets take care of mom day" and when it didn't happen the tables where turned, weird how it works out that way.

My cake made by the girls. So yummy!!!!

Friday, February 03, 2012


Its 9:00 pm and I've already put Beckam down for bed but he wasn't going to have it. So, I got him out of bed and we went for a drive, to the bank. Yeah, it was a hot date to the bank but Beckam was as a happy as a clown. He loves to leave the house...its weird. The drive was good for me as well.
After my return Elly wanted to play a round of Wacky 6. I wasn't in the mood but did it anyways and I'm so glad I did. It really cheered me up. Thanks Elyse for being so persistent on playing Wacky 6.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Just sayin'

Its been such good week...just sayin'