Saturday, July 28, 2012

I can't sleep

Sitting here at the computer listening to this annoying fly that keeps flying past me. I finally hit it with the swatter and it hits into the light bulb and burns...but the noise is gone.

I'm also making a list of...let's call them what not's.

*Number 1: Want my feet pain to go away! Can't wait for the day to walk again with out pain.
*Can't wait for the day to have a home to call my own and it has central air! I'm dying in the HOT summer.
*Want to vacation often. The beach is calling my name and I think I could handle seeing the Eiffel Tower :)
*Would love to go shopping with out feeling bad buying anything :)
*Would love to add color to my walls.
*Can't wait to pay bills on time.
*Wanna skydive and go to Africa...would love to take photos.
*I want to go a soccer game in Europe.
*Thankful I got my AC fixed in the car.
*It was fun to watch Gabe play soccer this weekend and he almost made it to the finals but the team that was runner up to them won their last game 5-1 which placed them to play tomorrow for 1st or 2nd and put Gabe's team 3rd.
*Number 2: This is one that I constantly want...To be healthy (free from treat cravings and crap food) & thin (about 140lbs) with muscle.

To get rid of all STRESS
To be a fun mom quit being so uptight...just relax and enjoy the moment for it will be gone.

This exercise started out with my friend asking me to write down all of my symptoms and see when they will be gone. It was suppose to be some symptoms of my body but it kind of went further than that :) Its just how I think...a little random.
I've talked with many people about my feet trying to find solutions and one day my friend Mia called me...totally random haven't talked to her in about 3 years. It was a sign and whats crazier is that I have been asking the Lord to bring people to me or me to them for whatever reasons I don't but I'm just running with it. She has a Whole Body Cleansing business and is very big into natural solutions.
I have come to find out we don't have enough vitamins and mineral in our food and we should be supplementing to give our body the nutrients it needs. And more importantly if we are active in sports or exercising then we really need to replenish our body with nutrients. 
She gave me a good start of supplements and I'm so excited to see the results. I would say her solution to my problem was totally different than I've heard. So, for now I wear special socks at night bought some shoes with support and then I'm giving myself some vitamins and stuff.
 And we shall see!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Elyse babysitting

I had a photo shoot today and came home to the smell of brownies. Elyse made them all by herself. A job well done she cleaned, played with Beckam. LOVE it!!!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The next day

I told you he does this stuff on a daily like the shoes?

Friday, July 20, 2012

....he doesn't stop

This little Beckam of ours keeps us on our toes. I was editing last week and I heard noises in the kitchen. I walk in later, he had spilled milk all over the kitchen table and he's trying to clean it up. This time I wasn't very happy. I've had a tough time getting to editing this summer. I really can't seem to find the time from kids wanting to be entertained the second they wake up to staying up til midnight every night. I'm done. The last few nights they were done playing at 10:00 and in bed 5 minutes later.
A few other little cute little things about Beckam. He wants to have his toes painted and he know exactly what to get to do that. Yep, caught him painting toes today. This time I decided to take a photo of it and smile. Well, I did just get done painting my toes but I put the stuff away he, just found a way to get it and do it himself.
He also got his bottle ready for milk or water....whatever, he has no preference. He packed it chuck full of ice. Its what I do with my daily water...thought that was cute that he's already picked up on that. You know, there is a special way to make ice water. I've had to teach all the kids because they ALWAYS drink mine. You fill the cup chuck full of ice and then fill with water...if your going for  refills you have to put more ice in...the first set of ice will melt and then its not as cold. I know my ice water. Oh, and we prefer tap water over filtered water.
Well, my cute little Beckam with all the "not so sit still tendacies" I still love ya...though, you make me tired really, really tired.
Up next is his Birthday. The Big 2!

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Feet

Beckam wakes me, its 8:00 a.m. and I think to myself I want to sleep more but I don't, I get up.
Gabe and Bryn are out on a running with their Dad I'm wishing it was me, it was my plan this summer to run and play soccer games with the kids but something else happened I got Planter Fasciitis and it HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if that emphasizes it feet feel broken every single morning I wake up. It would take me up to 2 hrs to get them warmed up to the idea of walking. I would have to hold onto anything I walked by and sometimes limp.
But I finally went to a physical therapist and they diagnosed it and gave me some ideas to work with and heal it. I'm on the mend. Its bearable to wake up in the morning and walk, it only takes me 10 min to get my feet warmed up  now I've also gotta get used to the idea of having to wear shoes ALL THE TIME even in the house.
I'm sitting outside this morning taking in the wonderful morning air thanking my Heavenly Father for giving me a solution and looking forward to being able to run with the kids and play soccer again. I can't wait but unfortunately I have to.
There is a sock I should buy to wear when I sleep. It looks very awkward. Greg and I decided to make it with tape. So, we got a soccer sock and tape it all up, it felt very awkward thru the night but was worth it when I could walk the next morning. The next night the tape job came off so the next time we opted to use duck can do anything with duck tape. It worked perfectly. Just gotta get the sock now but I'll need 2 of them.

Doesn't this look awesome?! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Splash Pad

Spent the day at a new splash pad in Apline. Its cool but I don't think the kids liked very much. But hey, its keeping them cool.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Elyse is 9

It's Elly's birthday...again. She is always such a happy girl. I love to see her smile.

9 wonderful things about Elyse.

1. Her smile.
2. Her laughter.
3. Her willingness to always do what is right.
4. She is so lovable.
5. Loves to serve others. (She just got me an ice cold drink of water with me asking her)
6. Loves to sing.
7. She wants to be grown up (wants to wear make-up, a training bra, she asked to shave her legs)
8. Little dancer.
9. Such a good friend.


 Remember the smile I talked about. Well, where is it? Below. And she kinda looks like a hippy. Doesn't her mother do her hair? Actually I do, she just pulls it. Gotta put that in there so when she is older she will know that I did it.

This is so cute. Its her list of what she is going to eat for her special day.

There is a ban for any fireworks in Cedar Hills but we were naughty and decided to do some sparklers.  There have been so many fires this summer and one just in our backyard in Alpine that's why the ban.