Thursday, August 28, 2008


Isaac did not sleep last night or the night before. It was 3:00 am before he finally decided to sleep. Greg got the kids up at 6:00 and then told me was leaving for work.
I wanted to cry I am too tired to get up and take care of the kids. So he told them that I didn't get very much sleep last night so to take care of yourselves and that they did.
Gabe came in about 8:00 and told me he was ready for school and to not worry about them that they would make sure they made it to the bus on time...and they did. I am so in love with these kids. I am so amazed at what they realy can do when you give them that agency. I have to say that Gabe has gotten himself a cool watch ans he uses the alarm all the time. It makes him very prompt. He is just like his Dad give them some cool technology and they are VERY reliable.

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Amy Lindstrom said...

That is awesome! What good kids you have! I TOTALLY agree with giving the kids Agency and responsibility! Jake has been waking up for school for the last 3 years with an alarm clock! He pops right out of bed! If I wake him up it is a quite a process!

Are you feeling better? What's up with Issac?