Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Greg's cooking

Even if it's not done the way I want. Now, the frustrating part for was that I am told that I don't communicate very well. So, when I am working it, it still does me no good. Greg asked how can i help get ready for dinner. I told him that we needed to make the dessert so he started on it but put it in the wrong pans. We have a big family and it needed to go in a sheet cake to make sure there was plenty to go around (which by the way was all eaten up).
Well Greg figured out how to make it work. I wasn't mad about the help by any means I will take it anytime it was my lack of good communication skills.
O'well it makes me smile when I think about it....Greg is very good at making me smile or laugh at the wrong times or times that I just want to be mad.


Kimberly said...

doesn't that look delicious! Don't you just love these Bishop boys and their "solutions" to everyday problems?

Amy Lindstrom said...

That is REALLY funny! And pretty quick thinking! How could you not laugh?! :) Good thinkin Greg.

Isn't it great to have a hubby that makes you happier?! I love that! You and Greg are totally the PERFECT match!

Nate and Jilleen said...

So, is that what we ate a few weeks ago???? Good cover up!