Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here it is


Draper Temple visit.
Things to remember. Be Reverent. Don't run. Have fun!

Well, quite actually that all happened...but there was a little bit of running. But in all I was pleasantly surprised.

This is Bryn doing her first report on Giraffe's. She typed it up all by herself.

Isaac LOVES to help out any time he can even when it comes to dishes.

It doesn't take much for me to cry anymore. Gabe has a peer in his class and at church that has recently had some serious medical issues rise up lately. It happened monday during the day she had an episode that Gabe thought she was pretending to faint. Later she was taken to the hospital and then rushed up to primary childrens. They found out her cancer had come back I don't know all the hospital mumbo jumbo but its not good. The family looks forward to Chemo or surgery. She is a brave soul and has thanked her Heavenly Father for smart doctor's that saved her so that she could still be here with her family.

I'm inspired!

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