Sunday, March 01, 2009

The weekend

Friday night...late! We are getting ready to start the weekend ritual...a late movie and Isaac decided to jump off of Bryn's bed and fly into the chest of drawers. Blood gushing out. It was all over in his face, concerned looks in all the kids faces hoping that he'll be all right. Give him about 5 minutes and he'll be just fine but I was concerned about the hole in his forhead and it being late friday night. Dreading the emergency room we decided to opt for the butterfly bandaids and batman. I just hope their is no scar.

The hole

A shot the next day with his bandaid...and better light...sun light.

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Amy Lindstrom said...

Dear sweet Jess...I bet that about gave you a heart attack! :) What a silly kid! That bandaid is, I am sure, worn with pride! It is so fitting! :)

So I thought about you a lot this last couple of weeks. I don't know if you have seen my blog lately, we have been going through quite a crazy few weeks. I was actually in Utah the whole time. Pretty much holed up at my in laws because of our sweet Dawson. My sis in law has a cousin that is a photographer just lost her baby and wanted to do some pictures of our family for us. She did them and did a great job. However, if Dawson is still with us when we come down next I think I would love to have you do some also. Anyway, just a thought. I will let you know.