Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pinewood Derby

It finally happened after planning it for 2 months. We had to reschedule twice and then after we finally got the okay on another date the church was closed for carpet cleaning so, it was moved to this cool barn. And the kids wondered the next day if they could go back.

A few photos to show for the night. Let me preface by saying that Gabe the whole time was telling it wasn't time for a photo. I'm still glad I took them regardless of him wanting me too.

Here's Gabe's derby. He wanted a tank this year...he worked hard on this thing and then when it came time to racing it, it was too heavy. So...we had to make a few minor...I mean major adjustments and few tears were shed but once we got Gabe's derby got on the track it placed 1st and 2nd the rest of the night which got him the title of 2nd place.

The first slim down.

Not enough so we've got to get creative.

Still not enough so we took some wood off of the sides.

Now this is official Cub Scout uniform.

Then look at my boy not so official.
He's embarassed to show how happy he is getting 1st again.

These are all the other cars. They all did a good job this year pretty unique.


Nate and Jilleen said...

Great job, Gabe!

kellyballard said...

we need some tips! ours is next month and we haven't won yet!!!!!