Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Christmas Lights are Up.

Yes, this year the lights made it up on the house just in time before the snow came. The best part was to figure out how to get them on the roof of the A-frame part of the house. The tallest ladder we could borrow was 35 foot ladder and Greg knew it wouldn't be enough and so, our solution was the roof of the Tahoe. I don't know what is better Scott's ladder job when he decorated the tree when he lived in the house or Greg's ladder job on roof of the Tahoe.
I was sitting on the Tahoe holding my feet against the bottom of the ladder praying that he wouldn't fall while at the same time thinking was this worth it. And I'm sure Greg was thinking
"you're not afraid of height's"
"this isn't so high after all"
"good thing I've got insurance"
After we were done with the highest peak I had to go inside and make some hot chocolate because my feet were so cold I could barely walk...I know I am baby when it comes to winter and this is why I don't do winter sports.

In this series of photos it makes it look like it took Greg 5 hours to move one foot. When actually the first shot was taken right before sunset and then the next like 5 minutes later.


Carin said...

The light you must have from that window!!!!!!!! It is a photographer's dream house!!!!

Megan said...

Wow does that bring back memories. I miss that house! I'm sure you're taking good care of it though.