Sunday, November 08, 2009

Rubik's Cube

Gabe has yet done another trade with his friend Brandon (but pictured here is Brayden) and in this trade he came home with a Rubik's Cube...he was challenged to solve it. So, dad found a little "how to" from the internet and then taught Gabe. Happy, now that he can solve it. He shares his knowledge with his friends on "how to"but while he was teaching he took a bathroom brake and came back to it shattered all over the floor...needless to say he was devastated. He tried with all his might to get me to buy a new one...the cost $10...not a good time to shell out even $10 for some happiness.
But the time did come when I could shell out the mulla and that was for a bribe...some photos of Gabe. Yeah! We both were happy.


Cannon's said...

Looks great!

Carin said...

Oh they are wonderful! Money well spent!!!!

JRC said...

Gabe is such a cute kid! He might not love the pictures now but when he's bringing girls home to meet the fam and you bust out all his modeling pictures he will love them when they are raking in the girls!