Sunday, November 01, 2009


The CUTE Witch with her cat.


Optimus Prime

We were in a mad dash to get ready for Trick-or-Treating because it was so warm outside I couldn't get the kids home to get ready. Isaac was first and then Elly...while getting her ready I could hear Isaac snoring next to Dad. Oh great now I've got to wake him and then he will be up all night. Now on to Bryn...pretty simple she was all done except for the cool lashes. Then I find Gabe putting his make-up on with it all over the bathroom...gotta give him a break he's a boy.
All done! Except for PICTURE time (I think it's become a swear word to them). This was meltdown period. I have a serious of pictures to prove it...we also had a lesson about it today too.

Okay see how happy Ely is ready to pose for the shot. She was even getting into character and then was shooshed by her siblings.
Then you've got the "My feelings are hurt now." and Mom is upset at how they treat each other.
Then you've got the let's get this over with so I can meet my friends because I promised I would meet them at a certain time look...and now Ely wont even get close to them.
Pictures are WORTH a THOUSAND words. I tell ya. This is what I will remember evertime I see these photos...and they might too because of the visual lesson I gave them... and it wont be hard to forget because I wrote it down for history too.

***Since the lesson about considering how others might feel and not about yourself lesson. They are getting along so well with each other and interestingly enough we talked a lot today in church about service. This weeks challenge is to serve our family.
Gabe has made


Amy Lindstrom said...

THAT IS AWESOME! I love that you can actually see Bryn shooshing her! Hahaha! This totally made me giggle.

I can totally relate to your getting all the kids ready circus. Mallory and her green face and black hair turned my bathroom into a HAZARD ZONE! YIKES! And all this for about 30 suckers that were downed in 15 min flat! HA! Gotta love Halloween! :)

kellyballard said...

love these shots...they are sooo cute!