Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dinky Babies

Here is another project of Bryn's that she has completed in sewing. She loves it. I wouldn't say that's how she felt in the beginning but now she can't wait to go to class.


A question from none other than our creative thinker...Elyse.

"Dad, Why do have spider webs in your nose?" reffering to his nose hair.

We have a pantry

This makes me happy.

Here it is


Draper Temple visit.
Things to remember. Be Reverent. Don't run. Have fun!

Well, quite actually that all happened...but there was a little bit of running. But in all I was pleasantly surprised.

This is Bryn doing her first report on Giraffe's. She typed it up all by herself.

Isaac LOVES to help out any time he can even when it comes to dishes.

It doesn't take much for me to cry anymore. Gabe has a peer in his class and at church that has recently had some serious medical issues rise up lately. It happened monday during the day she had an episode that Gabe thought she was pretending to faint. Later she was taken to the hospital and then rushed up to primary childrens. They found out her cancer had come back I don't know all the hospital mumbo jumbo but its not good. The family looks forward to Chemo or surgery. She is a brave soul and has thanked her Heavenly Father for smart doctor's that saved her so that she could still be here with her family.

I'm inspired!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Grandma Great

In the time of my grandfather's passing we spent many days with him and Grandma great. The kids really love the visits as well as the grandparents.

We (what I mean by we...Greg) have decided to work on family history for some reason it is very close to me now. I really miss my grandpa. I hope that my children create great relationships with their grandparents as I have with mine.

Some photos of course.

Greg's cooking

Even if it's not done the way I want. Now, the frustrating part for was that I am told that I don't communicate very well. So, when I am working it, it still does me no good. Greg asked how can i help get ready for dinner. I told him that we needed to make the dessert so he started on it but put it in the wrong pans. We have a big family and it needed to go in a sheet cake to make sure there was plenty to go around (which by the way was all eaten up).
Well Greg figured out how to make it work. I wasn't mad about the help by any means I will take it anytime it was my lack of good communication skills.
O'well it makes me smile when I think about it....Greg is very good at making me smile or laugh at the wrong times or times that I just want to be mad.

Isaac's Birthday

A month and a day later.

He was so fun to watch opening presents and playing with his friends. He had a smile on his face all day. He is so fun to give a gift too, his reaction makes it all worth it. The simple pleasures of a child. I enjoy every bit of it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good Guy Today

I can find this little one in his underwear all the time. It's so tough for him to keep his clothes on.
This morning he found a sword and was getting the bad guys.

How could I not take pictures to document this imagination. Oh, how I felt safe today.

Pinewood Derby

It finally happened after planning it for 2 months. We had to reschedule twice and then after we finally got the okay on another date the church was closed for carpet cleaning so, it was moved to this cool barn. And the kids wondered the next day if they could go back.

A few photos to show for the night. Let me preface by saying that Gabe the whole time was telling it wasn't time for a photo. I'm still glad I took them regardless of him wanting me too.

Here's Gabe's derby. He wanted a tank this year...he worked hard on this thing and then when it came time to racing it, it was too heavy. So...we had to make a few minor...I mean major adjustments and few tears were shed but once we got Gabe's derby got on the track it placed 1st and 2nd the rest of the night which got him the title of 2nd place.

The first slim down.

Not enough so we've got to get creative.

Still not enough so we took some wood off of the sides.

Now this is official Cub Scout uniform.

Then look at my boy not so official.
He's embarassed to show how happy he is getting 1st again.

These are all the other cars. They all did a good job this year pretty unique.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Sleepin' in

11:00 Elyse just woke up for the day and in 40 minutes she goes to school. I love that they sleep in for my sake but it's tough to get them up in the morning for school and to get them to sleep at a decent time.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

The weekend

Friday night...late! We are getting ready to start the weekend ritual...a late movie and Isaac decided to jump off of Bryn's bed and fly into the chest of drawers. Blood gushing out. It was all over in his face, concerned looks in all the kids faces hoping that he'll be all right. Give him about 5 minutes and he'll be just fine but I was concerned about the hole in his forhead and it being late friday night. Dreading the emergency room we decided to opt for the butterfly bandaids and batman. I just hope their is no scar.

The hole

A shot the next day with his bandaid...and better light...sun light.