Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's called Go Prophet

Elyse brought home this prophet matching game one Sunday and she has played it ever since. Last night she wanted to play Go Fish and so we did but called it Go Prophet.

Elly also made this cute card for her teacher...oh, I just love stuff like this. (This is my form of scanning)

The Christmas Lights are Up.

Yes, this year the lights made it up on the house just in time before the snow came. The best part was to figure out how to get them on the roof of the A-frame part of the house. The tallest ladder we could borrow was 35 foot ladder and Greg knew it wouldn't be enough and so, our solution was the roof of the Tahoe. I don't know what is better Scott's ladder job when he decorated the tree when he lived in the house or Greg's ladder job on roof of the Tahoe.
I was sitting on the Tahoe holding my feet against the bottom of the ladder praying that he wouldn't fall while at the same time thinking was this worth it. And I'm sure Greg was thinking
"you're not afraid of height's"
"this isn't so high after all"
"good thing I've got insurance"
After we were done with the highest peak I had to go inside and make some hot chocolate because my feet were so cold I could barely walk...I know I am baby when it comes to winter and this is why I don't do winter sports.

In this series of photos it makes it look like it took Greg 5 hours to move one foot. When actually the first shot was taken right before sunset and then the next like 5 minutes later.

Making the money!

Gabe would love to earn $50 an hour unfortunately I don't have the money to do that nor do I think it would be a good lesson for him. He really is a good hard worker mostly...when dad gives him the jobs but when I give him a job he doesn't like it so much. I don't know why, maybe his dad is paying him more than I am.

Here Gabe was given a job from dad...yep, he's excited to make some money and dad gave him the job. We had a bundle of sticks/dowels that needed to be cut and sanded for one of dad's project's and Gabe's job was to do the sanding. So, on Friday he came home from school ready to work...he even offered to many of his friends that they could earn some money too. That was kind of him but we are not running a sweat shop.

Monday, November 16, 2009


At 1:00 am in the morning, Isaac came upstairs as Scott a.k.a. Cyclops from the X-men. I love this kid.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alternative headphones

He couldn't find his headphones.

Technically, my headphones were "borrowed without asking" (stolen from me) so I did this to make my family feel sorry for me and give them back. Back fired - they just mocked me and showed no love.
-Headphone professional

I'm a Pirate

Most of this is repeat due to facebook but I was told that I looked like a pirate. I thought maybe it was the hat or hair wrap, not sure what you call it, but in fact it was the whole outfit. So, I had Greg take my photo.

I don't pull character off very well but Greg sure does. He's HOT huh?!?!

10 inches and some

I have forgotten all about posting my new hair cut. I have been ready for a long time to have a new do. I felt there was no attachment to my long locks until I washed it the next day and thought what did I do...that's when the attachment started. The saying goes "we want what we can't have."

I didn't really take before and after pictures of the day but I have some with it long and you can go ahead and think I vain (Julie and Nate) for taking pictures of myself but I really don't care what you think. I think it's good for us woman/mom's to get a photo taken once in awhile...because we'll always look back and go I did look good. I'm just sayin'

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lost for a Day

Kitty was lost for a day. She followed Bryn and Isaac to the bus stop and then we didn't see her until the next day. I'm sure she was fine but Bryn thought the worst possible things had happened to her...she thought we would never see her again but after a few prayers and tears she was found the next morning at the bus stop. She was a little hungry and ready to be spoiled.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Rubik's Cube

Gabe has yet done another trade with his friend Brandon (but pictured here is Brayden) and in this trade he came home with a Rubik's Cube...he was challenged to solve it. So, dad found a little "how to" from the internet and then taught Gabe. Happy, now that he can solve it. He shares his knowledge with his friends on "how to"but while he was teaching he took a bathroom brake and came back to it shattered all over the floor...needless to say he was devastated. He tried with all his might to get me to buy a new one...the cost $10...not a good time to shell out even $10 for some happiness.
But the time did come when I could shell out the mulla and that was for a bribe...some photos of Gabe. Yeah! We both were happy.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


The CUTE Witch with her cat.


Optimus Prime

We were in a mad dash to get ready for Trick-or-Treating because it was so warm outside I couldn't get the kids home to get ready. Isaac was first and then Elly...while getting her ready I could hear Isaac snoring next to Dad. Oh great now I've got to wake him and then he will be up all night. Now on to Bryn...pretty simple she was all done except for the cool lashes. Then I find Gabe putting his make-up on with it all over the bathroom...gotta give him a break he's a boy.
All done! Except for PICTURE time (I think it's become a swear word to them). This was meltdown period. I have a serious of pictures to prove it...we also had a lesson about it today too.

Okay see how happy Ely is ready to pose for the shot. She was even getting into character and then was shooshed by her siblings.
Then you've got the "My feelings are hurt now." and Mom is upset at how they treat each other.
Then you've got the let's get this over with so I can meet my friends because I promised I would meet them at a certain time look...and now Ely wont even get close to them.
Pictures are WORTH a THOUSAND words. I tell ya. This is what I will remember evertime I see these photos...and they might too because of the visual lesson I gave them... and it wont be hard to forget because I wrote it down for history too.

***Since the lesson about considering how others might feel and not about yourself lesson. They are getting along so well with each other and interestingly enough we talked a lot today in church about service. This weeks challenge is to serve our family.
Gabe has made

The Knife

I came home from the store with a pocket knife for my 3 year old. WHAT AM I THINKING!

Let me preface a little here by saying that I was finding Isaac with some sort of a knife either it was a stake knife a box cutter from Dad's tools or one of Gabe's knifes. Maybe I can control is knife stealing by getting him one. Ummmm, not sure if that's gonna work. So back to me buying a knife for him.

It made me sick to my stomach. Dad had to fix it before he could play with it...and by that I mean he had to dull it. Just think if he feel on it...well, you get the idea. But I'm thinking how many times do kids play with sticks...that's a possibility too. It's funny how it has actually come in handy a few times that I've needed something sharp and Isaac will say "I can help, I have some scissors in my pocket knife."

This is the knife he specifically wanted.

***Isaac no longer carries the knife anymore...just for my sanity.