Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bryn will take care of it

Saturday night the kids wanted to watch a movie instead of going to bed...I mean who wants to go to bed anyways? We made an agreement that when the show is over there will be no fights about getting into bed and that you just do it (get in bed).
The show was over and Bryn gave Ely and Isaac piggy back rides to their rooms and tucked them into bed. She is amazing! Give her something that she wants and she will now follow thru. What happened did she grow up over night.

I am so happy about the photo above. I think it was 2 years back when the kids couldn't handle being touched by their siblings I said, "no more together shots." But since, I have been looking thru old scrapbooks I have missed the connections that they do have with each other.
My new goal is to get more shots of the kids together and so far it has worked...crossing my fingers.
These 2 girls have the sweetest connection. They will play all night together in their room (while they should be sleeping).I love to hear their role play and when they call out "mom" i'm not really sure if I should answer or not.
I hope this connection they have will stay with them forever.

A note I found today while trying to catch up on my scrapbooking.

Dear Dad and Mom
thank you for helping me with homework. thank you for helping me with soccer. thank you letting me go to school and church. thank you for letting me have the hannah montana movie. thank you for a bed. thank you for a room. thank you for clothes.

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