Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gabe and soccer

Gabe has practice everyday for 2 hours and he LOVES it. He is ready for a Triple A team. We have been working on him to getting on one of his friends team from school but for now he is practicing with them everyday. Today (a Saturday mind you) Gabe got up at 7:30 to get ready for is 9:00 practice. After I picked him up he said they ran 6 laps around the track at the high school and he started out first and only 2 people passed him. He is so happy and very proud of himself for his hard work. He has developed so much in the last year that he is become a different boy. He still has that BIG heart and it is fun to see him grow into a young man. He really is a good kid.

Just had to add one of Beckham because he is so HOT! It's okay Greg knows my feelings. The other day I was giving him some suggestions as to some boy names that I liked and this one came out. I don't think he took me very serious but I am.

Gabe and I went to this game a few years ago it was pretty cool. There were so many REAL supporters wearing Beckham jersey' was a little off.
Yes, I took this picture and I wish I would have gotten more even if that meant kicking people out of the way that were getting shots too.

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