Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Pain

Just one more post for today...maybe. I plan on doing some photos of Ely soon.

Last night as I got in bed my I pulled my round ligaments and laid there in pain for about 10 minutes it really felt like they were contractions. You see, I don't know what contractions fill like naturally because I have been started in all of my pregnancies.
I have been having this problem from the beginning but it hasn't been so bad until now and it's getting progressively has worried me a little. I will be seeing the Doc soon with all my questions and finding out the gender too. We will see what he says.

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Amy Lindstrom said...

I hope all is well. I SO know your pain with those stinking round ligaments. IT HURTS! BAD!

When I am prego I start pulling those things like mad! Right from the beginning. I hate it! Roll over in the night...pulled. Sneeze...pulled.

Maybe it's cause your getting old Jess! :) HAHAHA! I mean, what are we now, like 33ish?! YIKES!

Let us know how everything is going! Can't wait to find out what you are having!