Sunday, March 28, 2010

The week in review

Soccer, soccer and more soccer. Bryn scored 2 goals in her game and Ely assisted a goal and Gabe's games starts next week. We can't forget Greg...he scored 3 goals this week. I hosted a high fashion photography workshop this weekend and I am so happy that it's over.

Oh yes, we can't forget that we had the Doctor apt. to see the gender of the baby and....
It's a BOY!
I know the news has already been announced thru facebook or texting but had to put it down for the book. We are super excited.
Everyone came to the ultrasound to see the baby in the belly and it was cool for about 5 minutes...then they were pretty much done.
He looks very healthy and all is going well.

Me at 20 weeks

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Amy Lindstrom said...

Well, I would say I am a bit behind in blogging/facebooking check ins. Man am I ever glad I decided to scroll down a little further!

Congrats! Boys are so darn much fun!

You look fabulous! 20 weeks?! Oh that we could all be as lucky and looking great at 20 weeks! When I was prego I looked full term at 20 weeks....or at least I felt it! :)