Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

We had the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Grandpa's and Nana's house. It was a treat it's always something the kids look forward to. First off we started with conference and it seemed that every hour they asked when was it time to go. We finally made it over to Grandpa's house we waited while the Dad's hid the eggs and Gabe was helpful too, he's too old for the hunt.

...and they're off

I love the expression on his face and how fast he was moving to pick up as many eggs as he could.
Time to examine how many eggs he has already found. Looks like there was too many. He doesn't look very happy to put them back.

Getting the talk about sharing

Isaac found his Real egg to redeem at the prize station.

The prize station: Toys

Later they were told to find more eggs and supposedly there was one in the car. I don't think he found it.

As I was taking pictures of Isaac. Gabe and Bryn were helping others to find eggs and play games.

Trying to find ways to get shots of Gabe.

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Amy Lindstrom said...

Ok that is a SWEET shot of Gabe! How fun is that!

I always thought it was amazing how close all the Bishop cousins were raised. It was hard to tell who were siblings and who were the cousins. How cool is it that now you all have kids to do that on even a bigger scale! What a great family!