Friday, April 02, 2010

It's Friday Night...

and I'm bored. I know it's 11:40 p.m. and the only thing I am looking forward to is Greg's soccer game.
Let's see if a fight happens this time. Last time a guy on the other team punched our keeper and was handed a red card (he's out for 2 games). See, it's a lot to look forward to -right!

So, the game was fun a little frustrating but not the less it's good to get out. It's been said that the over 30 league is the most aggressive. This league has the most people who get red cards and the most fights and I think it's because they are older and can't control their bodies they don't have that young body they used to play with and have got to use temper to get what they need. It's actually very funny! Greg is the most even tempered on the team.


Cannon's said...

The over 30 league is full of guys that have no other outlet other than this soccer league. Work, marriage, kids, school, dreams still left unattained....that's a lot of aggression to get out during one little game. Sad :( :) Maybe you should have a bible study instead! Really knock some teeth out.

Jess said...

But with a bible study how would you ever get your heart rate up?