Saturday, April 03, 2010

Some Ely Cuteness

All I can say is I love these kids more than I think they even imagine. They are constantly in my thoughts, dreams, and prayers. I am grateful I have a talent to capture them on film so that I can remember the stillness of these little ones because it is true they grow up fast. They bring so much joy to me and I'm sure Dad too (I just write this in MOM perspective). I love to watch him play and teach you guys. I have been truly blessed with a beautiful family.

What is great about Elyse:

She smiles thru anything
She has a beautiful spirit that brings so much JOY to everyone around her
I love to hear her laugh and giggle
She has the best one liners
And wonderful stories about her day
I love the she wants to be a mom when she grows up. She has just recently put being a rock star on hold because she didn't want that to interfere with her being a mother.
We are so blessed with such a sweet spirit in our home.
We (the family) love you Ely

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