Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break

It was FUN and FULL. We had planned on going to Blanding Utah to build houses for the Indian Reservation but as I get further along on my pregnancy my back has more pain so we decided not to go. We were super bummed. All I can say was the first time that we had this experience was amazing. The kids were super excited to help out in any way Gabe did his a great job picking up a hammer and jumping right in, Isaac as well. The girls played with their new friends and they loved it as well. What a great time it was the best part that I remember was that there was NO was music to my ears.

Eric and Kim came to Utah to visit.

Monday we did a family photo.
The weather was horrible so I found a cute location to have it in but still not enough light. On the drive there Isaac had fallen asleep. I thought to myself he can stay in the car while I get everything out and ready. The lights were up and everyone was in place. We took some quick shots while everyone was good and all was quiet. I looked at them to see if we were missing anyone and noticed we couldn't see Sheridan and made some adjustments and then Jamie asked "were is Isaac". I then asked Greg, he didn't know. It hit me, I left him in the car. Greg went to get him and he was crying I'm not sure how long he had been crying but by the way he was trying to catch his breath it seemed it was awhile. He recovered quickly but I still felt really bad. We then took the 2nd round of photos and it was chaos. But hey we got a picture right.

Tuesday was a slow day. The kids just played together all day while the girls waited for a sleepover.
On the agenda for the night was paint nails and put make-up on.
Then do Kim's make-up and hair. That was pretty!
Kim had promised she would take them to McDonald's for some ice-cream with her beautiful make-up and hair.
After that was a movie Princess and the Frog.
It sounds like it was a blast.

While this was happening the boys went to a movie How to train a Dragon.

Wednesday pick up the kids and hang out till about 1 because the weather was finally decent to be outside to play and that's what we needed.
I then took some photos of Eric and Kim's family
Then off to a date night with the family...dinner (Texas Roadhouse) and bowling.

Thursday the Childrens Museum and a visit to Grandpa's work for lunch.
And dad had a a soccer game...they won.

Friday a sale at the Lemonade stand. They made cookies and offered Kool-aide. I think they made about $9 all together.

Saturday another Lemonade sale. This time they took their profits and bought candy to sell. They made $12 this time.

I almost forgot Gabe and I went to the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians Lightnig Theif. It was a great show for me (I haven't read the book) but for Gabe not so good. He said it wasn't anything like the book and it's true for the amount that I have read so far. That would be so disheartening for a boy who fell in love with reading the series they didn't really follow the book at all. He even loves this series more than FableHaven.

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Kimberly said...

YAY! We had SO much fun! Can't wait to come back and do it again!