Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bad parent award this weekend

First off it started with me Friday night I ran over Kitty's leg with the car and it broke her right femur. In my defense she always greets us when the door opens and soon runs out of the way along the house and this time she just laid down next to where I pull in and then MEOW! I knew right then that I had done something bad. To fix it would mean surgery and a cast $500-700. We have chosen not to spend living money on fixing the cats leg and have been told that she will heal just fine. She will just a have a gimp leg for life.

She would scoot herself along the floor to get around.

Next up for the award goes to Dad he locked Bryn in his car at Ely's soccer game. Isaac kept telling me Bryn was in daddy's car and I thought okay that's were she wanted to It might have been 45 min later Bryn came out and she seemed very upset and I asked her but she wouldn't tell me. Dad did some talking and found out later what the offense was...Bryn couldn't figure out how to get the car unlocked that's why she was in there for so long.

YES! Good Job Parent Award posted on my fridge.

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