Saturday, May 01, 2010


Oreo aka Kitty had her babies last night. Gabe brought her to me just after school and asked why does she have all this wet stuff on her. So, I took her out to the garage and put her in the box that Bryn and Bryton made for her. She didn't like that very much and really wanted to be in the house under the kitchen sink.
She probably didn't have her first baby until about 8:30 and she was done about 10:00. It looked like they were all going to be black but once they were dry we got a grey one named Jaz...Isaac came up with name I'm sure his inspiration was Transformers. He didn't discover them until this morning and was so excited to spread more of his love around. I'm going to have to watch him very close so that they will live.


Jilleen said...

Wow! All the "kitties" are having babies now. Fun, fun!

The Fredy Family said...

Hey Jess. It's Aimee. Not sure when I came across your family blog but any ways just a heads up about little boys and kittens - when my husband was Issac's age he took the kittens swimming and then found his mom and asked why they weren't playing anymore. Keep a very close eye on them. :-( I think my husband still feels horrible about it to this day!