Friday, May 14, 2010

Get on your bike and ride

Today was walk or ride your bike to school. The kids were super excited to ride them but it meant some work for Greg to fix both of the girls flat tires. I don't usually let them because there are no sidewalks for them to ride on and I don't have helmets yet for Bryn and Gabe (yeah yeah I know you can say who I care about the most). Today I gave them that exception.
Before they left for school I was reminded back when Gabe was in Kindergarten and he was dying to ride his bike to school. We lived in Manti at the time and it was really simple to get to school but he just didn't know how to REALLY watch for cars because some of the intersections didn't have any stop signs it was everyone's yield. I would follow behind him to make sure he would look both ways before he would cross. He did a very well. I think he did this a few times until it wasn't fun anymore or he got lazy.

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